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A Collection of Movie Fonts To Add a Cinematic Touch

Details matter — especially on the big screen. While movies make an impact using special effects, famous celebrities, and gorgeous costumes, how they’re marketed to the public beforehand is of utmost importance. One of the ways they can make waves in the market is by using bold typography.

An epic film needs an epic font. From Jurassic Park to Star Wars, they’re made unforgettable with a little help from the lettering used for various promotional materials. Think of the last movie you watched. You can probably find creatives talking about customizing a similar font to capture the look.

Want to see your design up in lights? Then ready yourself by grabbing these awesome movie fonts today!

1. Marschel Pro

With stylistic alternates and elegant ligatures, this gem by Zeune Ink Foundry will make any project magical. Use on posters, invitations, book covers, logos, or packaging. Whatever it touches is sure to be exquisite.

2. MADE TheArtist

Contrasting effects always give an interesting end product. MadeType has just the thing for when you need something bold AND elegant at the same time. This duo font pack is great for when you need to make a quick statement without sacrificing on quality.

3.Armada CPC

Christopher P. Cacho creates a bold yet vintage vibe in this amazing typography that’s built for battle. Perfect for seafaring adventures, or any naval-themed projects.

4.Sickle Blade Typeface

Be haunted by this edgy font by alphadesign. With cool alternates to make any design stand out, it’s ideal for gaming or movie-related works.

5.Metropolis Font Family

Love the city? Evoke a similar feel to whatever you’re working on in this font family from Unio. Inspired by the original 1927 Fritz Lang movie, it features eight styles to choose from to lend the somber appeal of the urban jungle.

6.August Typeface

As they say, go big or go home. Ellen Luff has just the thing in this beautiful condensed sans serif display typeface. Ideal for large-scale projects, it manages to remain versatile enough to be used even in body copy. Get yours today!

7.Palm Canyon Drive

The mention of movie fonts just won’t be complete without taking a trip down memory lane during post-war Hollywood. Recall the time of retro matchbook covers, travel postcards, and Tikki bars in this gorgeous item brought to you by RetroSupply Co..


Inspired by the characters of the "Love in the Afternoon" movie poster by Saul Bass, this classy typeface by Julia Bausenhardt is sure to lend a classic feel to any design. Just don’t forget to activate the Open Type Features to maximize your experience.

9.Brodo Display Font

The 1920s were definitely the golden age of movies and leisure. Give your designs the same golden treatment in this art deco custom sans serif by JumboDesign. With six amazing styles to choose from, your works will truly take center stage!

10.Giant Vintage Style Font

Make your headers or posters stand out with this colossal font from JumboDesign. Created to make a huge statement, it even comes in unique grunge textures to offer a vintage feel to any work.

11.Blackthorns ©

Want an air of mystery in your projects? This typeface from Herofonts could be just what you need. Featuring four weights and web versions, it’s perfect for digital or printed works.

12.Pineapple Funny Style Font

Break the basics in this cute but bold offering from JumboDesign. Use for posters, headers, blogs, cartoons, or gaming designs to bring a smile to your audience’s faces. Pair with fun patterns or animated backgrounds for a truly unique look!

13.Mangano Font

Whether you’re looking at movie fonts to create impact for a client project, or you simply want to jazz up a personal craft, then this little gem by Hindia Studio would make a neat addition to your toolkit. Available in rough and clean variants, it’ll give your works either a classy or vintage feel anytime.

14.TT Bluescreens

This font family by TypeType is beautifully subtle to be used for any creative work – yet imposing enough for large-screen projects such as posters, titles, trailers, and more. With a total of 30 typefaces and more than 70 supported languages, this is one purchase you’d be glad you made.

15.Rockrace Font Family

Arterfak Project brings to you this font family that’s perfect for sports, techno, or minimalist themes. It comes in nine different styles that you’re free to mix and match to get the desired product. Looks amazing as headlines, logos, titles, or even as quotes for sharing on social media.

16.Clearlight Font

Switch from elegant to technical in a snap thanks to this offering from NimaVisual. With crisp edges and rounded forms, this typeface can instantly add pizzazz to personal or commercial projects.

17.Brother Typeface

Got a client project that needs something striking? Look no further than this creation by giemons™. Combine the Bold and Light versions to make something unique; or play around with size and see the difference. Use for logos, displays, branding materials, or apparel.


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10 Realistic Marquee Fonts to Add a Retro Touch to Your Products

The bright lights of old theater signs promise excitement, drama, and the glamour of classic Hollywood movies. Now, you can add that retro look to design projects of all kinds with this collection of realistic-looking fonts complete with authentic light bulb effects that recreate the styles and colors of the vintage cinema marquee.

1. Marquee Light Bulbs

The Marquee Light Bulbs font set features vintage style 3D lettering with realistic light bulb effects to use for designing posters, invitations, and announcements. The set comes with two 3D lettering sets, a collection of light bulb renders that suggest the textures and shades of burned out bulbs and rusted sockets, plus a set of six grunge display fonts in transparent PNG files.

2. Showtime Alphabet

The Showtime Alphabet recreates the lettering of old marquees with 3D lettering, bulbs, and elements in separate files for creative combinations. The Showtime Alphabet set includes four ready-made scenes and background textures, along with glyphs and graphic elements that can be used for projects such as announcements, prints, and posters.

3. Queen Street Display Font

Inspired by the hand-painted signage of boutique shops and the typefaces of independent zines, the Queen Street Display Font set is a vintage styled display font with stackable Photoshop layers in four styles. This setup allows you to create a variety of effects, either by stacking layers on top of each other or using them alone for a cleaner look. The Queen Street font set also comes with multilingual support for a long list of languages in both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.

4. Buket Font Collection

Buket means "bouquet" in Turkish, and this large font set contains a bouquet of 18 compatible vintage-inspired serif and sans serif font styles and textures for use in a variety of creative projects such as signage, menus, posters, prints, and branding. The Buket Font Collection comes in four styles, including script, contrast, basic, and shiny. It also features a large set of decorative elements such as ornaments and swashes for use with all the font variants.

5. Lights On! Vector Alphabet

Lights On! is a pure vector alphabet with no raster effects that features realistic bright light bulbs, suitable for adding a genuine movie marquee look to projects such as headers, prints, posters, and packaging. The all-caps alphabet is fully editable in Adobe Illustrator for customizing colors, strokes, and changing the look of the light bulbs inside each letter. The alphabet also includes a full set of numbers.

6. Vector Light Bulb Marquee Letters

Featuring bright yellow light bulbs inside each letter, the Vector Light Bulb Marquee Letter set is an all-caps vector alphabet made of individual elements, not a font. Each letter is in its own vector EPS file for complete editing and customizing. The simple A to Z Latin alphabet includes a full set of 26 characters, and can be sized and arranged using the tools of Adobe Illustrator for projects such as branding and marketing, posters, invitations, scrapbooking and more.

7. Showtime Color Font

The Showtime Color Font is an Open Type font in a realistic marquee format for adding eye-catching color and vintage style to projects such as illuminated signs, announcements, invitations, branding, and other projects needing an attention-getting set of all capitals. Each letter is individually created in 3D and then converted to a color font, and comes with additional instructions for working with color fonts.

8. Marquee Light Bulb Sign Letters

Featuring photorealistic lighting and textures, the Marquee Light Bulb Sign Letter set is not a font. Each letter in the Marquee Light Bulb Sign Letter set is created separately on individual transparent PNG files for separate editing and use in posters, announcements, branding, and packaging. The set includes a full Latin alphabet in all caps, plus 10 numbers.

9. Marquee Letters

The Marquee Letters set is a pack of 3D rendered marquee letters with light bulb effects based on the free INTRO typeface. The set of high-resolution Photoshop files comes with a separate pack of 39 symbols including a full number set and punctuation, plus a tileable marquee border for creating projects such as headers, posters, announcements, and invitations.

10. Realistic Marquee Set

The Realistic Marquee Set is a uniquely realistic letter set featuring three options for each letter with light bulb effects including bright, low light, and burnt out for adding vintage marquee effects to signage, headers, and posters. The set includes a full all caps Latin alphabet, selected punctuation marks, and special symbols.

Bonus: Burford Pro Pack

Made for professional users of premier design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, the Burford Pro Pack of vintage and retro fonts was inspired by European display typography. The Burford Pro Pack includes 18 layered font styles, plus stylistic alternatives and 100 extra elements.

The movie marquees of years past grabbed attention and promised excitement and wonder on the silver screen. These retro marquee fonts and lettering sets recreate the vintage appeal of those larger than life signs for eye-catching design projects of all kinds - complete with realistic light bulb effects.

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20 Iconic 1800s Style Fonts To Give Your Designs a Traditional Touch

The 1800s marked an era of change: from the Lewis and Clark expeditions, to the first modern Olympics games in Greece. The world was shifting fast – and people wanted to become a part of it. Newspapers told stories of explorations, empires clashing, art, and literature.

The more innovations developed, the more people looked forward to reading them. Therefore, lean typography had to make way for the bold and beefy typefaces that were reminiscent of the period.

Thanks to mechanization and advancements in printing technology, these large typefaces were hard to miss. Big and screaming for attention, they dominated newspaper headlines, pamphlets, billboards, and posters.

Get your designs noticed today with their help. Here are some of the best 1800s style fonts to give your works a bold and daring vibe.

1. Brim Narrow

Inspired by antique wood and chromatic type from the 1800s, this gem from Jamie Clarke Type creates a great variety of decorative combinations for a truly eye-catching effect.

2. Pretoria Gross Family

Designed with inspiration from art nouveau and packed full of vivacious curves, Intellecta Design infused this font family with graceful character that works best for display purposes.

3. The Witch Typeface

This vintage and thick typeface from Paperwitch has four styles (Regular, Outline, Gradient, 3D Extrude) to choose from. Feel nostalgic for carnivals, great coffee, and vintage barber shops when you use this set.

4. Ehrich Display Typeface

Pick up this strong font today by Jordan Kabalka for your posters, labels, and logo projects. Inspired by vintage magic shows of the late 1800s and early 1900s, it’s a great addition to any designer’s toolkit.

5. Applewood Alternate Font

Lend a new flavor to your works using this typeface from Aerotype. Handmade and obviously vintage, its distinctive imperfections is sure to attract the right audience.

6. Boston 1851

This one font by Proportional Lime offers a wide range of looks, depending on your purpose. Its strength lies in its versatility. Use as is for headlines, titles, and more, or combine with its light, regular, bold, condensed, or expanded versions for more depth.

7. FHA Condensed French

Vintage fonts, like this one from Fontry West, will help add impact to design projects when you need it. With its exaggerated sharp serifs and condensed forms, it has true character but still plays well in more modern designs.

8. Vintage Wood Type Classics

This set contains the Applewood, Bootstrap, and Buckboard families. Made by Aerotype, it’s a wonderful addition to any collection of 1800s style fonts.

9. Lawless Font

Be the rebel that you are – and show it on your works, too, with this little typeface from It's me simon. It’s available in four (4) different styles (Regular, Grunge, Spur, Shadow) to truly showcase that Wild West vibe.

10. Applewood Family

A variant of the famous Applewood™ by Aerotype, it works as great as it looks.

11. Beaurencourt FY-Regular

An old-fashioned script font inspired by 19th century handwriting, this delicate typeface from BlackFoundry was co-created by Gia Tran and Jérémie Hornus for your most sensible projects.

12. Buckboard Family

Need an original typeface that evokes the great Wild West? Say no more with this good ole authentic wood type font with its original patina created by Aerotype.

13. Historical Press Font

Created from scans of original letterpress type, this font from Good Craft Supply Co. was designed to simulate over-inking to help add authenticity and show years of heavy use. It’s perfect for labels and branding projects!

14. Black No.7

Need a classy, vintage font for the price of a bottle Tennessee Whiskey? Look no further from this gem created by Typocalypse.

15. Chesterfield Typeface

Celebrate every design like it’s the 1800s again, with this typeface by Imagi Type Co. Reminiscent of carnivals, circuses, and tattoo sign shops from the late 1800's, this product includes 30 Hipsterious vector shapes as a bonus.

16. Taberna

Save time and money when you purchase this elegant type system by Latinotype. Imagine more than 20 vintage styles in one convenient and affordable bundle!

17. Humoresque Layered Mini Font

Got Victorian-revival style projects to take care of? Let this typeface by Ornaments of Grace help you out. With 12 weights to add wit and whimsy to your works, feel free to layer them for the best effect.

18. Stay Alive

Bring on the 1800s classic touch of the decade by using this product by StoricType.


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