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Selling an old favorite soccer jersey online isn't the easiest way to get rich quick, or even to finance a new personal project you're trying to get off the ground. But automaker Dacia and agency Publicis Italy partnered with Italian soccer team Udinese Calcio to create a noteworthy exception. For one game, instead of wearing...

What These Stars Are Most Excited to See at the Upfronts

As the 2018 upfronts week draws to a close, we caught up with some of the stars whose shows are being pitched to advertisers. NBCUniversal, which includes networks ranging from NBC to Telemundo to E!, Bravo, MSNBC and CNBC, brought its stars out to the red carpet early Monday morning, which was too early for...

These Subway Ads Were Rejected by the MTA for Being Too Sexual

Unbound, a female-focused sexual wellness company that sells sex toys, among other products, had its first subway campaign rejected by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which operates the New York City subway system, and Outfront Media for allegedly being too sexual. The MTA cited the following clauses when speaking with Unbound about its proposed subway...

These Agency Creatives Made an A-to-Z Sexual Harassment Guidebook for the #MeToo Era

This week, the ad industry took tentative steps toward addressing sexual harassment within its ranks, as Time's Up Advertising held 14 meetings across the U.S. and Canada. During the Facebook livestream, leaders of the group described it as "a call to action" and said individual agencies would be left to develop their own specific solutions....

Is Blogging Too Time Consuming for You? Try These…

If you’re just starting out with your online business, then you might find blogging to be way too time consuming. Speaking from my own personal opinion, writing content does take enormous time and you need to know how to organize yourself. I have some handy tools that I use to sort out my content and keep me on track, making sure I get the work done, which is important to keep my business moving in the right direction. However, with this said, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, blogging is full of misconceptions and sometimes, these get in the way of reality. Misconceptions cause tasks to take longer than usual. Poor time manage will NOT allow you to prioritize your tasks and this will stretch things out, making them longer than usual. It’s how you interpret your work that will determine the way you overcome tasks you find very time consuming. Today, I’d like to discuss the following:

Tweaks you can make to your mind frame or blogging habits that makes blogging less time consuming.

Let’s get started…

Blogging Every Day – False

Many people are under the impression you have to blog every day to see big results but you couldn’t be more wrong. Google has said often that quality will outweigh quantity so you really just have to focus on high quality content. However, I’m not saying you should blog once every six months because this will slow down your indexing rate, but it’s important to keep a fair schedule. For example, writing high quality content and publishing once every week is still very good and can keep you updated.

Writing Brand New Content – False

This is another big “FALSE” because you don’t have to come up with brand new content every time because you do have other options available. After the freshness update, Google will reward bloggers who update their content so it stays trending. Sometimes you just have to go back and find content on your blog that needs to be updated. Here’s something else that works very well…

You can write a series and add a new part each time you write. I split “37 Elements of User Engagement” into 37 different parts so had something to write each time.

Optimize All Blog Posts – False

The answer to this will depend on what you’re trying to achieve and where you are trying to rank. I have a specific game plan in mind so will focus on optimizing specific high traffic content on my blog. Other content is strictly published to educate my readers and provide substance on my website. SEO does take time and make sure you have a game plan in mind on what keywords you are targeting.

Writing Lengthy Posts – False

This really depends on post type, however, don’t fall victim to the mentality that all your posts have to be over 2,500+ words. The attention span of visitors is shrinking because of the amount of competition and different post formats available. You can now find the same content in video, audio, and infographics. I try to keep content as short and concise as possible so my reader doesn’t lose interest. However, again, the length will depend on the post type and this will dictate length. For example, if you are writing a “how-to” tutorial, then you can expect it to be longer than normal because you’re describing a step-by-step process.

What can you do…

I’ve learned there are always solutions to every type of problem, no matter how complicated. Here’s some stuff in point form you can implement into your blogging to reduce blogging time:

  • Always stay organized and write down tasks the night before
  • If you have a budget, then hire people to help out
  • Spread out your writing throughout the week so you don’t get tired
  • Write roundups or expert posts where content is provided by others and all you have to do is summarize

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These Top Email Marketing Tools Can Boost Your Social Media ROI

Email marketing is the big brother of social media. It was the first digital means to directly market to customers. Today, these two channels can work in tandem to significantly increase engagement.

Using the right tools is the secret to driving conversions that lead to sales. Use them well and you are bound to increase your social media ROI up to ten folds!

In this post, we will show how you can leverage email marketing tools like GetResponse and MailChimp to lift your social media to greater heights.

Add social icons and sharing buttons

A holistic digital marketing strategy requires you to reach your audience in every channel where they consume content. Just because a person subscribes to your email list doesn’t necessarily mean they follow your social channels.

To avoid this mistake, use your emails as a mechanism to attract subscribers to your social media channels. The first step is to place social media icons in prominent places in every email. Email marketing platforms like MailChimp and GetResponse make this easy using email template builders with pre integrated social media icons.

MailChimp has a click and drop Social Share Content Block that you can style in many different ways.

Similarly, GetResponse has drag and drop social sharing buttons that are highly customizable. Plus, you can also keep track of your Social Share Analytics from the dashboard.

Once you have social media sharing icons implemented in your email templates it’s time to attract subscribers to become followers. Offering subscribers exclusive content and deals only available to social media followers is a great way to convert them.

Create better Facebook Ads

Advertising budgets tend to be a point of contention among brands. How much should you spend? Who or what should you spend them on?

The answer to these questions is to target people who subscribed to your blog. And what better way to reach out to them than via Facebook Ads using Facebook Pixel?

GetResponse lets you integrate Facebook Pixel to your landing pages. Plus, its landing page builder is easy enough to use for you to create dazzling pages that will wow your visitors. So, tracking who your visitors are through Pixel on compelling pages are a potent mix to boost the performance of your Facebook Ads.

Meanwhile, MailChimp lets you sync your email list with your Facebook account so you can automatically show ads to your new subscribers without any hassle.

Promote a contest through automation

Both GetResponse and MailChimp have a slick autoresponder that lets you send a series of automated messages based on specific time intervals or a subscriber’s action responses.

Once you’ve created a contest on your social media pages, you can then go ahead and add it on all of your automatic “welcome” and “thank you” emails, or whenever you’re sending out discount coupons.

The main difference between the two tools is that GetResponse boasts a beautiful automation workflow where you can see all connected events and edit them quickly through its drag and drop functionality.

Always keep your social media followers updated

Always remember to push your email campaigns to your social media feeds.

Every time you publish a newsletter, GetResponse can instantly tweet and post on Facebook too. You can also edit the text that comes along with your link to make it even more personal.

MailChimp also lets you auto-post email campaigns on Facebook in one click.

Doing this lets nonsubscribers who follow you on social media have access to your newsletter and even helps convert followers into email subscribers.

Host and promote a webinar

Hosting webinars is a great way to generate business leads on all digital marketing channels.

MailChimp utilizes Zapier to connect your attendees using another tool called GoToWebinar easily.

On the other hand, GetResponse provides a complete webinar marketing solution. Aside from its advance integrations, it lets you host your webinar straight from your account, which you can then instantly share to major social platforms with just one click.

Choosing between the two tools depends on your business’s need and sophistication. MailChimp is a better fit for very small teams or individual bloggers due to its stripped-down, simple toolset. GetResponse is also very easy to use but comes with a much more robust suite of tools like email automation, social media analytics, webinars, landing pages and more. Whichever tool is right for your business, make sure you’re combining social media and email marketing strategies to vastly increase your ROI!

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These Two Gritty, Post-Apocalyptic Short Films Are Surprisingly Interconnected

Pop culture has been so saturated with the undead over the past decade, it's hard to muster much enthusiasm for yet another zombie apocalypse. I mean, we get it: Zombies surround a pocket of survivors, someone gets bit, arms get cut off, a corpse rises unexpectedly, and then everything goes to hell. So it's especially...